If you're a brand new ( beginner)  drummer with a dream to play drums and make music then you've come to the right place. And good on you, you've chosen a great instrument!  Learning the drums is an exciting challenge that I can help you with. I'll put you on the right path from the very beginning so that you can learn to play with real confidence and ability.  It's not a far fetched dream. It's a reality that you CAN do. I'd love to hear from you - so do it - take the first step and get in touch with me at: 


My dedicated drum teaching studio is situated in Vogel St, in central Dunedin, New Zealand. This is where my one to one drum lessons happen. I have two drum kits, and plenty of extra musical equipment to help you come to grips with the drums so you can make a quality contribution to your music - whatever genre you love. So, get in touch with me and we'll make a start. It doesn't matter if you are a brand new learner, or someone who's played a bit, learning for school or your first pub gig, or you're an experienced player looking for something else in your playing. I'm here to help.


Many drummers are learning at home from online drum teaching websites, some of which are excellent. You can learn a lot this way. However,  my online Zoom lessons allow you to have someone watch over what you're doing, to see that you're doing things effectively and efficiently. If you'd like just a one-off online lesson, or a series of them then feel free to contact me below any time. I use the Zoom platform and all you need is the free Zoom app downloadable from and a device with a camera - be it a phone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer. .For full information please email: 

For full information please email:

Please note: Minimum Age 11 years.


"Marcel became a significant influence on me as a young drummer . My interest in music grew as my lessons exposed me to a wide range of genres including Rock, Jazz, Country and Latin. In addition to broadening my musical horizons, my lessons covered the technical, theory and sight-reading skills that would see me through my NCEA music assessments and later my Music degree at the University of Otago. Every week Marcel brought an inspirational level of energy and enthusiasm. You wouldn’t be able to find a more supportive teacher for drummers of any age or ability."

Taylor Sizemore, Dunedin

"I just loved my time at lessons for many reasons. A master musician was teaching me. Marcel can relate to his students at all levels. He gives 110% of his time, knowledge and effort to his students and is always ready to give advice or support. I want to say thanks Marcel for what you have taught me in a short space of time and for your on going support and friendship."

Neil Jones-Sexton, Dunedin

"Marcel is not only a great drummer but a brilliant teacher. I have learnt so much. Not only on rudiments as such but also on all aspects of being a drummer in a band. Marcel is patient, inspirational, enthusiastic and is always there to help and offer advice. Would I recommend Marcel to aspiring drummers? You bet I would!"

Stewart Springer, Dunedin

 Marcel Rodeka is one of New Zealand’s finest drummers. He is among that rare breed of drummers who combine groove, feel, subtlety and power, and can use these diverse skills whenever necessary. I have always enjoyed working with Marcel because he adapts well to any musical situation and he is always supportive of whatever demands are made of him. A further positive factor is his excellent time–keeping, he locks the rhythm section together and makes the rest of the band feel at ease. This positivity is also reflected in his personality. In my own career, which spans forty years, I have been fortunate to perform with many high profile musicians, most of whom were easy to work with, and I place Marcel into this elite club. I must finally add that any gig with Marcel is guaranteed to be a musical pleasure.

Dr. Rob Burns PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Music
University of Otago


Drummer, Educator