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THANK YOU so much to the following people in my network, for their continued enthusiasm and support for what I do and for keeping the wheels turning in my busy musical life.


Equipment, Education Support, Pearl Drums, NZ Rockshop, Dunedin

Educational Teaching Resources - Joel Rothman,

Live Performances: Gordon Duff and his excellent crew at Strawberry Sound Hire, Dunedin

Staging & Lighting: Michael Cracoft-Smith, Southern Lights & Services, Dunedin

Rehearsals, Media & Corporate support for concerts, Mark Laughton, http:/

Teaching Studio - Juan Gaspar, Dunedin City Contracting,  http:/

Photography: Melanie Peters, Melt Images, Dunedin -

Photography: Clive Copeman Photography, Dunedin - 

Web Design: Bob McNeill, MusicSitepro -

Oxo Cubans -




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