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The Four P's of Practise.
The Four Ps of Practice: Process - Practise - Patience - Play  When you're working through new beats and rudiments and you muck up, feelings of frustration can be difficult to overcome. Some of my students get really upset with themselves when they can’t get their head around a new beat or exercise the first time. They feel they should be better at this. They get upset and angry with themselves for not nailing something straight away.Some of you even tell yourselves... read more
GIVE IT! 'How To Bring Your Drumming Life', eBook
eBook Book for New Drummers: GIVE IT! How To Bring Your Drumming to Life.My new eBook GIVE IT! How To Bring Your Drumming to Life, is my first book. It was inspired to some degree by seeing the amount of drummers online and at gigs who seem to be playing 'at' the music rather than for it. They seem to be going through the (technical) motions only. I don't seem to see a lot of players who are feeling it, or who are giving of themselves. They seem to almost nonchalantly play the drums, as if... read more
RECORDING For the First Time
Recording Session for the first time.Recording can be an incredibly rewarding experience. There’s just something about it that makes everything feel real and worthwhile. All the work you and your band have put in can finally be realised by recording and releasing those songs you’ve worked on so hard to get right. Now’s the time to share them with more people than just your friends and family.For many of you, it'll be the first time you've stepped into a studio, so usually, excitement is... read more
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